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Robert Kiyosaki.

Robert Kiyosaki.

After reading his very first book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (which I liked very much and allowed me to look at the moment in a different way), leafing through the rest of his books in the bookstore, it

seemed that they were all about the same, but it turned out to be untrue … Each of Robert’s books contains several main ideas, which he constantly repeats, talking about different situations and giving different examples. The books are easy to read, and the style described above allows you to understand and remember what the author wanted to convey, and not forget an important idea a couple of days after reading.

I also liked his latest book, “The Last Chance” at the moment. Although it partially describes the problems of the United States, almost everything described can be applied to Russia, or, in any case, take a different look at the pension system, the method of calculating “inflation”, etc..

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