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SBER EAPTEKA faster than lightning!

SBER EAPTEKA faster than lightning!

Now, when ordering on the website and in the application in some areas of the city, the option of fast delivery is available. Delivery speed does not affect its cost.

Check your home:

Let’s calculate the time of the nearest delivery.

We check the availability of fast delivery.

We will deliver the order today before 14:00.

upon registration before 13:00.

Very high demand, fast delivery is temporarily unavailable 😔

Fast delivery works from to Now only regular delivery is available.

Hooray, you’re in the fast shipping area!

Look for products with a special badge in the catalogs.

There is no fast delivery in your area yet.

Allergies Alopecia / Hair Loss First Aid Kit Joint Diseases Sinusitis Diabetes Healthy Running Eyesight Overweight Heartburn Korean Cosmetics More 45.

Acne Alopecia / Hair Loss Anti-Aging Care Overweight Korean Cosmetics Bags & Circles Under the Eyes 50 More.

Vitamin D3 – reviews.

Options 57 Instruction Photos 71 Certificates 13 Analogues 6 Reviews.

oral drops capsules oral solution spray sublingual tablets lozenges tablets tablets chewable tablets soluble.

20 20 ml 30 45 60 90 100 120 30 ml 50 ml.

Promotions Discounts Savings in the application.

For teeth For bones For nails For joints.

1000 IU 120 mg 1200 IU 1800 IU 2000 IU 25 μg 400 IU 500 IU 600 IU 700 mg 90 doses.

D3 (cholecalciferol) K1 (phytomenadione)

Teeth Bones Nails Joints.

Immunostimulating Prevention of rickets Hair growth and strengthening of nails Strengthening bones Improving the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin D3: 359 reviews from buyers and pharmacists.

one .

Overall rating based on 359 customer reviews.

Silver molecules effectively disinfect wounds, providing long-term antibacterial effect through the gradual release of silver ions.

We live in the world of the victorious cult of youth – the quality of life is improving, its duration is also increasing, the State Duma is raising the age.

Information about the product, including the price of the product, is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer in accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

According to presidential decree No. 187 of March 17, 2020 on the remote sale of non-prescription drugs, home delivery of non-prescription drugs, as well as dietary supplements, medical

products, household and beauty products, household chemicals and related products is carried out..

Delivery of prescription drugs, if there is a prescription issued by a doctor, is carried out to the nearest pharmacy.

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