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Sea Doo jet skis. Review of Sea Doo jet skis. Main advantages.

Sea Doo jet skis. Review of Sea Doo jet skis. Main advantages.

One of the most famous

manufacturers of jet skis – Canadian company BRP. Jet skis from this manufacturer are produced under the Sea Doo brand and are considered the ancestors of all aquabikes. BRP’s first jet ski was created in 1968.

On the Russian market, Sea-Doo is represented very widely, at the moment there are as many as 14 models available to choose from. All Sea-Doo jets are powered by 4-stroke, 3-cylinder Rotax engines up to 1.5 HP. BRP divides all its jet skis into four classes. Each class has different features and is designed for specific purposes.

The most widely represented series includes jet skis under the conditional name «for relax». The well-known GTI and GTS series belong to this type of jet ski. Jet skis of this series are equipped with three places, they have capacious luggage racks. The volume of their motors – up to 155 horsepower.

The market value of models in this series varies from 459 thousand rubles for the GTS 4-TEC 130 LTD to 629 thousand rubles for the GTI 4-TEC 155 LTD model.

Models GTX 4-TEC Wakeboard 155 and GTX 4-TEC Wakeboard 215 represent a series of high-speed sports jets. By the name of this series, you can easily determine their main purpose. – transport water skiers and wakeboarders. Prices for models of this series are as follows: – GTX 4-TEC Wakeboard 155 costs 619 thousand rubles, and GTX 4-TEC Wakeboard 215 – 670 thousand rubles. The class of so-called «super-powerful» jet skis. This series consists of five aquabikes.

Four models are labeled RXT (260 horsepower) and one is GTR (215 horsepower). The second differs from other models in that it has a modified V-shaped profile made of reinforced fiberglass. All jets of this series are three-seater, except for the two-seater RXT-X 260. Trunk capacity of the RXT series is 2–3 times inferior to the GTR series.

Prices for models start at 659 thousand rubles. for GTR 215 and end at 929 thousand rubles. for RXT-X aS 260 RS.

And the latest class of Sea-Doo jet skis – exclusive. According to BRP employees, the word «exclusive» does not yet indicate an exorbitant price. The most affordable jet ski in this class — GTX S 4-TEC 15 is sold at a price of 700 thousand rubles.

Finishing and equipment are exclusive in it. The most expensive of Sea-Doo’s wide range of products is the GTX 4-TEC LTD iS 260. It is made for enhanced comfort over long distances.

Its dashboard contains as many as 34 functions such as – altimeter, depth gauge, time / distance to drain the tank. And its independent suspension is adjustable depending on the load of the vehicle and the waves on the water surface..

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