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Supplements and Vitamins with Collagen.

Collagen Supplements & Vitamins.

On the market of bioactive supplements, vitamins with collagen are gaining more and more popularity, designed not only to return the skin to youth and beauty, but also to compensate for the deficiency of this protein in the connective tissue, which makes it possible to improve the condition of joints, ligaments, bones, as well as most other human tissues and organs. However, in order for collagen supplements to be really beneficial, you need to choose high-quality collagen supplements and use them correctly. In this article, we will take a closer look at the following questions: what is collagen, why and who needs it, which vitamins are better in collagen, how to take them correctly, and we will also give answers to other important questions regarding supplements with this substance..

What is collagen?

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body. It consists of 19 essential amino acids, and makes up about 1/3 of all protein compounds in the human body..

Collagen is divided into different types (depending on which tissues it is contained in). There are 22-28 types of collagen fibers in the human body. These substances are represented by large-molecular left-handed protein helices consisting of three-chains.

Collagen fibers, together with hyaluronic acid, elastin, glycoproteins and proteoglycans, form connective tissue (bone, cartilage, muscle, adipose, skin, etc.), as well as the intercellular matrix, which unites all cells of the body into a single whole. The main functions of collagen:

supporting – holds cells together, provides tissue elasticity; protective – ensures the strength of tissues, protects against mechanical damage, prevents the formation of melanomas, strengthens the immune defense; restorative – collagen participates in regenerative processes, promotes healing of injuries by accelerating cell growth and renewal; formative – forms cell membranes, contributes to the formation of a skeleton and maintenance of the structure of organs; mechanical – connective tissues are responsible for movement (tendons, muscles, joints, etc.).

Collagen synthesis and breakdown.

Collagen synthesis is a complex eight-stage enzymatic process, during which a triple helix is ​​gradually formed from the preprocollagen precursor molecule – tropocollagen (a soluble form of collagen), with covalent adhesion of which chains of insoluble collagen are formed, and, in fact, connective tissue. The process of converting preprocollagen into collagen already known to us takes a fairly long period of time, and requires a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins.

In parallel with synthesis, collagen breakdown processes occur under the influence of collagenase. At a young age in a healthy body, the duration of the synthesis and destruction cycles is approximately equal, so the connective tissues remain healthy and elastic. But over time, the volume of synthesized collagen decreases (by the age of 40, production is reduced by 50%, and by the age of 60, by more than 80%), and the number of collagen fibers decreases, which leads to loss of elasticity and destruction of connective tissues.

The benefits of collagen preparations.

For the normal process of collagen synthesis, you need:

consuming enough minerals and vitamins; good rest; absence of nervous disorders and stressful situations; lack of bad habits; fast metabolism and absence of gastrointestinal diseases; favorable external environment, as well as a number of other conditions that are even less feasible in the modern world.

Failure to comply with these conditions leads to an even faster destruction of collagen, premature aging of the body, as well as deterioration of the condition of the skin, hair, nail plates, blood vessels, cartilage, joints, bones and other tissues and organs. To slow down these processes, and maintain good health, as well as youthfulness of the skin and a beautiful appearance, it is recommended to regularly take collagen (food supplement) in capsules, tablets or powders..

The best vitamins with collagen.

On the shelves of pharmacies and stores, there is a huge amount of vitamins containing collagen. Supplement additives are different, so we have prepared for you a list of the best drugs according to experts and consumers. It included:

Best Collagen Types 1&3 by Doctor’s Best.

It is produced in the form of powder (200 grams) and in the form of tablets (180 pcs). Collagen Doctor Best, reviews of which are always positive, consists of pure fermented animal collagen and vitamin C, which contributes to its better absorption. With regular use, collagen with vitamin C in tablets or in powder form from Doctor Best replenishes collagen deficiencies, improves the structure of connective tissue, increases its elasticity, facilitates movement, strengthens the immune system and launches regenerative processes in skin cells, restoring its youth and beauty.

Collagen 2

Joint Complex by Neocell.

This collagen is produced in the form of tablets (120 pcs per package). Neocell type 2 collagen refers to vitamin complexes aimed primarily at restoring cartilage, articular and bone tissues. Collagen dietary supplement for joints contains collagen protein and animal protein (chicken), which is a natural source of glycosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.

These components, with a long-term course of Neocell Collagen, help to improve the properties of synovial fluid, normalize metabolic processes and the supply of nutrients to cartilage tissues, relieve inflammation and improve joint mobility.

Collagen Beauty Builder by Neocell.

It is produced in this collagen from Neocell in the form of tablets (150 pieces per package). Vitamins specially formulated to repair collagen in the skin. In addition to collagen, the preparation additionally includes hyaluronic and alpha-lipoic acids, biotin and vitamin C. All these ingredients improve the structure of the skin, increase its elasticity, elasticity, provide the necessary nutrition and hydration, slow down the development of aging processes.

Marine Collagen by Neocell – Marine Collagen.

Available in capsule form (120 per pack). Vitamins with marine collagen are easier to digest, more similar in amino acid concentration to human collagen (proline, glycine, serine, tyrosine, alanine and some other amino acids in marine collagen are found in greater quantities than in animals). It is more beneficial for hair, skin and nails than for joints or ligaments, but it also has a positive effect on them.

Additionally fortified with hyaluronic acid, B and C vitamins, and minerals that help improve skin structure.

Super Collagen, Type 1&3 from Neocell.

It is produced in the form of a powder for solution preparation (198 grams per package). Neocell Super collagen types 1 and 3 are made using a special, unique BioActive technology, thanks to which it is absorbed by the body as fully and efficiently as possible. Neocell Super collagen, expert reviews of which leave no doubt about its effectiveness, with a regular course intake, significantly improves the structure and functional characteristics of all connective tissues, helps to slow down the aging process, and improve the general condition.

Super Collagen + C, Type 1&3 from Neocell.

Available in capsule form (120 per pack). Fortified with ascorbic acid to improve the absorption of the main active ingredient. Super collagen with vitamin C is designed to replenish the deficiency and activate the processes of production of its own collagen, which leads to an increase in the elasticity of blood vessels, ligaments, muscles and other connective tissues, as well as to improve the condition and appearance of the skin, hair and nails.

Why and when you can take collagen?

Collagen preparations, for example, Neocell Super Collagen C 250, Doctor Best collagen or any others, are recommended to be taken:

for the prevention of collagen protein deficiency; with active physical activity (for the restoration of tissues and joints); to preserve youthfulness and beauty of skin, hair and nails (for people over 25 years old); under stress and in a number of other cases, provoking the destruction of collagen bonds.

The drugs should be drunk strictly according to the instructions, without mixing them with taking other protein supplements. The recommended intake time is 30 minutes before meals. To enhance the effect of dietary supplements with collagen, it is recommended to drink freshly squeezed orange juice – due to the high content of ascorbic acid, it contributes to a more complete absorption of the active substance.

Collagen instructions for use.

Each package of drugs with collagen is accompanied by instructions for its use, which indicates the optimal dosage, frequency of administration and the recommended course duration, as well as other useful information..

Contraindications and side effects.

Among the main contraindications for bioactive supplements with collagen are intolerance to any of the substances that make up the drug. It is also recommended to limit the intake of collagen or take it under the strict supervision of a doctor:

pregnant and lactating women; with some heart diseases (atherosclerosis, cardiovascular failure, etc.); with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; with thrombosis, thrombophilia, thrombophlebitis and other blood diseases; with urolithiasis and cholelithiasis.

Limitations in the use of collagen supplements are primarily associated with the risk of side effects. Among the main ones:

allergic reactions; increased blood clotting; disturbances in the digestive tract (constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting); disorders of the liver and kidneys; hypertension; exacerbation of some chronic diseases, including cholelithiasis and urolithiasis.

If you have any health problems, be sure to consult with a specialist before taking collagen and any other dietary supplements. The doctor will help you choose the right drug for you, and make sure that taking it only benefits you, and no harm!

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