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The best external batteries for phones.

Best Power Banks for Phones.

If external batteries for the phone are considered, which one is better – an overview of the most effective and reliable devices will help determine. When choosing, they pay attention to the characteristics and materials that are used, the design of the device, the reputation of the manufacturer, the cost.

External battery capacity.

Another name for the device is power bank (from the English – power bank). This is a compact but capacious external battery that functions as a charger. Such a device is small in size, weighs little, which allows you to carry it with you, take it on trips.

A device for a smartphone is often purchased, especially if the battery regularly runs out when watching videos, in photographing mode, during games.

Power bank allows you to charge your phone when you cannot use a stationary power source. This is a fairly powerful device. Its capabilities are enough to repeatedly charge a smartphone and other mobile devices.

Thanks to its simple design, the powerbank has a long service life. However, the capacity is gradually decreasing..

The principle of operation of such a device is similar to how a standard battery functions in a phone, laptop, tablet and other mobile devices. The case has several connectors (microUSB, USB), with the help of which you can connect to various equipment. There are several batteries inside the device.

They are connected by a board.

The body is made of metal, plastic, polycarbonate. The capacity of the external battery depends on the weight: the higher the value of this parameter, the more batteries are inside, which means that the capacity is significant. However, you should not focus only on this parameter.

The larger the capacity of the smartphone, the lower the frequency of charging through the power bank without the need for an additional connection to the network.

Best Power Banks for Phones.

The battery capacity of smartphones is low. For this reason, the least functional device can be used as an external battery. Its capabilities are enough for several quick charges. If you plan to use your smartphone in an area where there are frequent power outages and there is no way to charge the gadget on time, it is better to choose a more capacious external battery.

It will last for a long time. Before buying, you should study the rating of the most reliable models..

Hiper SP7500.

This compact battery is characterized by a weight of 168 g, dimensions (WxHxD): 96x65x22 mm. The device is equipped with Li-Ion batteries. It is produced in a plastic case, which makes the battery lightweight with a capacity of 7500 mAh.

A micro-USB connector and 2 USB connectors are provided for connecting mobile devices.

The charge current varies depending on the connector, which must be taken into account when connecting, and is 1-2.1 A, the voltage is 5 V. The kit includes an adapter cable to provide the ability to power devices that do not have a micro-USB connector. This expands the scope of such a device. On the case there are indicators of charge and level of charge, switching on. USB Specifications: 2.0 Type A.

smartphones; cameras; Cell phones; tablets and other devices that have a USB connector.

Reviews of this type of battery are mostly positive. According to consumer ratings, it received an average rating of 5.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2S 10000.

This is a more efficient model, equipped with batteries with a total capacity of 10,000 mAh. The case is made of metal (aluminum), it has 2 USB-connectors, which provides the ability to charge two devices at the same time, and a Micro-USB connector. Fast charging function is provided.

The type of batteries in the case is Li-Ion. The device can be purchased in black and silver colors..

current – from 1.5 to 2 A; voltage: 5, 9 and 12 V.

The weight of the device is 223 g, dimensions (WxHxD): 71.2x147x14.2 mm. The kit, in addition to the warranty card and the power bank itself, includes a micro-USB cable (used as an adapter). The device is purchased for connecting mobile phones, tablets, cameras.

There is an indication of a charge and a charge level.

Asus Zenpower 10050 mAh ABTU005.

The device can be purchased in different colors – gold, silver, black, blue, pink. The capacity of the device is 10050 mAh. This is enough to make up to 5 mobile phone charges.

Contact current – 2.4 A, voltage – 5.1 V. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, players and other equipment equipped with USB connectors.

There is a fast charging function. The weight of the device is small – 215 g. It is produced in an aluminum case, which increases reliability. The disadvantage of this model is the presence of 1 connector, while other devices use 2-3 outputs.

In terms of dimensions, this type of device surpasses those previously considered (WxHxD): 59×90.5×22 mm.

Hiper BS10000.

This is a large-sized device (WxHxD): 74x148x15 mm. Its weight is 232 g. The body is made of plastic. For ease of use, a flashlight is included in the design.

Battery capacity – 10000 mAh. The front panel has a display that shows information about the charging process. The type of batteries inside the case is Li-Ion.

Misro-USB cable included.

The design provides 2 USB connectors. Thanks to the adapter, you can also connect equipment with a micro-USB connector.

According to consumer reviews, this is a good power bank model. It is distinguished by average functionality. It is also a reliable device.

Electrical parameters: current within 1-2.1 A, voltage – 5 V. Battery type – lithium polymer.

Power Bank CGPower.

Such a device is in the same price range as the previously reviewed analogues, but it is distinguished by the absence of wires connected to the case. Inside the power bank there are Li-Pol batteries. Their total capacity is 8000 mAh.

Built-in cable types: misro-USB type C, Lightning adapter.

There is a micro-USB connector (type C). The current at the output connector is 2 A. The design provides a display to facilitate the charging process. This type of external battery is suitable for iPhones and classic Android smartphones. It is used for any device that supports the wireless charging function.

However, there are built-in cables through which the charge level of other gadgets increases..

The device provides the ability to simultaneously charge 3 mobile devices.

The best universal external batteries.

Devices of this type can be connected to different mobile equipment, while the charging rate is high in each case. For comparison, the group of the first devices is preferably used for telephones. Their capacity is not high enough.

When power banks are used to power larger equipment, the charge rate is reduced.

If you plan to connect different mobile devices to an external battery, consider universal devices.

In addition, the kit often includes different connectors, which expands the range of applications. When choosing, it is better to start studying models from the TOP-5 list.

Pitatel NPS 153.

This device is characterized by a substantial capacity of 41400 mAh. Battery type – Li-Ion. Such a power bank is used for multiple recharging of any mobile devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

The device is produced in a plastic case. The kit includes a small case that matches the dimensions of the power bank, as well as various cables (USB, micro-USB, Lightning, contact elements or adapters for laptops).

The weight of such a device is significant – 1345 g. Dimensions (WxHxD): 145x270x32.5 mm. The charge current varies from 1 to 4.75 A. The supply voltage is also different: from 5 to 19 V. An indication is provided, which allows you to control the charging process.

Topon Top X72.

This is a more functional model: the battery capacity is 72000 mAh, there are 2 USB ports and 1 for connecting an adapter. The body is made of plastic, well protected from water. A charge indicator is provided.

Inside the case there are Li-Pol batteries.

The kit includes a cover and wires. To increase the ease of use, the design provides for a flashlight. The weight of such a device is 1465 g. Dimensions (WxHxD): 125x228x44 mm.

Such a device can recharge any gadget many times. Its resource is 500 cycles. An advantage is the ability to switch the supply voltage.

current: 2-3.5 A; voltage: 5, 12, 15, 16, 19 and 21 V.

This model tolerates moisture and dust well, which is due to the high degree of protection – IP64. The power bank is protected from shocks. If dropped, the internal elements will not be damaged, the quality of work will not decrease.

Cactus CS PBHTBP 20800.

In terms of capacity, this unit is inferior to the previously considered universal models. The value of this parameter is 20800 mAh. If desired, you can connect mobile equipment to such a power bank using an outlet.

There are other connectors – USB (3 pcs.).

The advantages of the device include a short charge – 3 hours.

The design provides a display. The device is considered one of the most powerful. Battery type – Li-Ion, power bank weight – 704 g, dimensions (WxHxD): 65x160x65 mm. The current level depends on the selected connector.

The value of this parameter changes in the range of 2.4-3 A. The supply voltage is also different for each of the connectors: 5, 12, 15 V. It is possible to quickly recharge a mobile device thanks to the Quick Charge function. Information about the charging process is displayed on the screen.

Dell Power Companion 18000 mAh.

From the designation, you can find out the battery capacity – 18000 mAh. The device is used to power any mobile devices, incl. and laptops. Power bank weight – 417 g, dimensions (WxHxD): 78x162x21.5 mm. The body is made of plastic.

To provide the ability to recharge any mobile equipment, there are several connectors of different types.

current: from 2.1 to 4.62 A; voltage: 5-19.5V.

You can buy such a power bank in black. The design includes li-Ion batteries.

Rombica Neo Pro 650.

This model takes the first position in the rating due to the substantial battery capacity (65000 mAh), functionality. The device is characterized by an average weight of 1270 g, but it is distinguished by its large dimensions (WxHxD): 125x225x47 mm. The power bank is quite heavy, despite this, it comes in a plastic case.

So, you should be careful: if the device is dropped, it is highly likely to be damaged..

The set includes various adapters (28 pcs.), Misro-USB. There is a flashlight, however, due to its significant dimensions, the device is more often used for illumination. Charging current – 2.4 A, the design provides for Li-Ion batteries.

How to Pick a Good Power Bank.

The main parameter is the capacity of the batteries. With this in mind, it is determined how many charging cycles the device should last. It is necessary to decide for which equipment the power bank is purchased: mobile phones, cameras, players, laptops, tablets, etc..

The equipment and characteristics of the device will depend on this..

dimensions and weight; type of batteries inside the case; number and type of connectors; indication of charge, charge level, switching on – in each of the cases it is easier to determine whether the device is working; the presence of a display is not the most important criterion, but

the screen increases the comfort of use, information about the charging process appears on it; fast charging is necessary because there is not always time for a full charge.

They take into account the design, the presence of auxiliary functions, connectors in the kit. It depends on the individual requirements for the power bank.

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