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The best speaker cables for speakers.

Best speaker cables for speakers.

A good speaker cable for your speakers is essential for unlocking the full potential of an expensive audio system. Many buyers of a high-tech entertainment complex often tend to underestimate the importance of selecting high-quality switching elements. Using the base wires supplied by the manufacturers, you will get an average sound quality even with the optimal selection of the rest of the complex components.

And only by spending on a good cable for an audio system, provided it is correctly selected, you will feel the difference and understand what you paid a lot of money for..

That is why we recommend that you do not try to save money on “rootless” cables, but use the algorithm we offer for the selection of these products. By listening to our recommendations, you will probably at least narrow down your choices. And when you ask for help, get the best loudspeaker cable for your budget.

So, what factors should you pay attention to first??

Speaker cable material for speakers.

By far the best audio cable is a stranded, oxygen-free copper construction. The cleaner it is, the better. So, for example, expensive top-end structures of veins are 99.999% of it.

In this regard, it is customary to operate with the terms “5,6,7 nines”, denoting the fraction of the purity of this material.

In addition, pure oxygen-free copper will oxidize over time. To prevent this from happening or the process was delayed as much as possible, the conductor is covered with a protective silver coating. The use of silver in conductors is reflected in the sound of the audio system – there is an emotional coloration of high frequencies.

The coloration of the sounding of the signal passing through the conductor is also determined by other factors – for example, the cross-sectional area and the number of cores by which it is formed. Thus, the technology of manufacturing cable products is already coming to the fore..

Conductor size and length.

Wire size is another important factor in the selection of such products for Hi-Fi and High End audio systems. With a small cross-sectional area, the complex will not receive the proper signal strength, which will manifest itself as insufficient bass sound and weak dynamics. Therefore, the minimum cross-sectional area of ​​the wire must be at least 2.5 mm² .

The length of the cable also has a noticeable but twofold effect on the sound of the speaker system. On the one hand, the laws of physics strongly recommend reducing the length of the conductor, which should reduce the level of interference and signal distortion. On the other hand, good speakers should not be close to an amplifier. Based on this, the best speaker cable cannot be short.

Therefore, before purchasing it, it is necessary to find the optimal length from these two conditions. It is imperative to ensure that it also has a certain amount of length and does not lie tightly. It is also worth considering that with hidden laying of the conductor in the grooves, it is necessary to lay a length reserve for this event.

In addition, in such a case, pay attention to the mechanical strength of the insulating material and the shielding..

Shape and design of speaker cable for speakers.

They began to operate with this factor after the discovery of the skin effect (the displacement of electrons to the outer surface of the conductor). Simple experiments have shown a noticeable difference in sound when using, for example, a round conductor made of many small wires, round and flat mono-core structures.

Today, the search for the optimal geometry of communication elements for audio signal transmission continues. The most common are two-wire and four-wire designs, which carry the treble and bass from the amplifier over separate insulated conductors. Some manufacturers offer individual top-end 8-conductor designs, spirally wound around the insulator.

In this case, conductors of different cross-sections are used in each of the cores..

Speaker cable connection methods.

The connection of an acoustic cable with a speaker and an amplifier can be performed using either spade or banana connectors, or with bare conductors in the speaker terminals. The instructions for a specific acoustics indicate which option

is preferable. Accordingly, the purchased cable model must be equipped with the same type of connector.

Or, if it is purchased for cutting, you should take care of the bundle of cores with the connector of the selected type yourself.

Which speaker cable to buy?

As you probably could understand from all of the above, it is almost impossible for a person uninitiated in the intricacies of AV equipment to figure out on the fly which speaker cable for the speaker system will be optimal. Moreover, a specialist who has many years of assembling and installing audio systems and home theaters behind his back will not be able to guess on the first try..

That is why Hi-Fi Design specialists who assemble entertainment complexes at the customer’s site are equipped with many different cables. Only as a result of tests on specific equipment can it be determined which version of this product will be optimal. And in order not to buy too much, entrust this function to professionals in their field..

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