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The top 10 books on Forex.

In this article we will look at the best books on Forex.

1) “Memories of the stock speculat.

“& # 8211; Lefevr Edwin.

This book is the autobiography of Jesse Livermore. This person is rightfully considered the greatest speculator throughout the history of the Exchange. The book of Lefevera Edwina is still considered one of the most popular forex in the subject.

Edwin in bright colors talks about the psychology of the crowd and jumps of demand in the market.

2) “How to play and win on the stock exchange” & # 8211; Alexander Elder.

The author of this Bestseller, Alexander Elder, – a professional on the Forex Exchange and an expert on its technical analysis. He will teach you three key factors for successful trade on stock exchange & # 8211; These are psychology, methods and control of risks. After reading this book, you will receive the first and very important knowledge of trade on the stock exchange.

3) “stock magicia. Interview with top traders & # 8211; Jack D. Schvelager.

This book will be useful to anyone, both beginners and experienced traders. There are interviews with many professional traders who traded an impressive capital. And some of them even reveal the secrets and strategies of their trade.

4) “Hedger came out of fog” & # 8211; Barton Biggs.

This book of the top manager of the popular investment company MORGAN STANLEY Barton Biggs. All attention in the book is given to hedge funds and global financial markets, including. The book tells about these people who professionally invest in the stock exchange, about their life positions, relationships, rivalry and partnership, about their everyday takeoff and falls, about motivation, which moves them to success, principles, tactics and work strategies in financial markets.

5) “The path of the turtles. From amateurs in legendary traders “& # 8211; Fais Curtis.

This first book, which a trader, who participated in Forex Trade Experiment. From the book you will learn how and exactly the turtles traded. Also, the book describes the entry strategies and marketing, as well as how to use the manifestation.

At the end of the experiment, it becomes clear how others were crushed out.

6) “Make Millions – Playing Numbers.” & # 8211; Ryan Jones.

Ryan Jones describes the original approach to the trade strategy on the stock exchange. It completely moved away from standard trading systems and entered the market in his own way, equal chances. Trading, it is repelled only on a set of positive and negative possible results.

The numbers and minimum strategy all his secret and its results are prohibited directly.

7) “Technical analysis. Full course “& # 8211; Jack Shvaager.

8) “Forex market psychology” – Thomas Oberlechner.

In the book Oberlechner & # 8220; Forex market psychology & # 8221; You will learn to read the emotions of the Exchange and control yourself so as not to get into the trap, as it happens with 99% of the entire trader market.

9) “Fundamental analysis of financial markets” & # 8211; Alexey Kiyanica.

Alexey Kiyanitsa will tell us how to analyze the economic and political news you can make money by comparing the information received with the reaction of players in the market. In the book, you will get acquainted with the economic indicators and tools of the currency work of banks, as well as with the reaction of exchange rates on the political arena and economic news.

10) “How to trade shares” – Jesse Livemor.

Book of a genius merchant in world history. Jesse Livermore & # 8211; Single, individualist and one of the most successful stock speculators. The book was written as much as in 1940, right in front of his death.

And she is still considered to be very weighty among financial literature. It will give an understanding of the mechanisms and the reasons why he was able to earn and spend tens of millions. ber

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