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The Vatican presented their smart prayer beads and more.

The Vatican presented their smart prayer beads and more.

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network has introduced a new way to engage youth in traditional prayer: the smart rosary. This innovative, in-app-controlled Click to Pray eRosary is dedicated to praying for world peace..

The Catholic Church is positioning its product as a teaching tool – how to pray properly with a rosary. This gadget can be worn like a bracelet and activated by crossing yourself. It syncs with the free app of the same name, which allows you to access an audio guide, exclusive images and personalized content with prayer beads.

Physically, the device consists of ten rosary beads made of black agate and hematite, as well as a “smart” cross, in which all the electronics are installed. When activated, the user has the ability to select a standard prayer for rosaries, contemplative and different types of thematic rosaries, which will be updated every year. As soon as the prayer begins, the smart rosary shows the user’s progress in various ordinances and tracks the completion of each rosary..

In addition to the standard religious functionality, Click to Pray eRosary also offers the functionality of modern fitness bracelets with counting steps taken and calories burned..

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Pray eRosary is priced at 99 Euros and can be purchased from the Acer online store or Amazon marketplace..

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