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Try pencil drawing.

Try to draw with a pencil.

Pencil drawing is the first step in the creative journey of many artists and designers, however, pencil drawing can also be used to create stunning artwork and a variety of projects..

Why do pencil sketches?

The idea of ​​making preliminary sketches has been around for as long as the art. Although graphite pencils did not become available to artists until the late 1800s, the idea of ​​starting with a pencil sketch has already caught on well. “Pencil and paper allow you to quickly capture ideas,” says artist Tammy Heneveld. “You can leave rough sketches on paper until you find something that you really like.” Drawing a

rough sketch helps you develop a creative concept, fine-tune your composition, and experiment with shadows. It can then be easily transferred to the digital space for rework..

An integral part of the creative process.

The pencil is a versatile artistic tool. With its help, you can realize any creative ideas – from caricatures in a quick notepad to landscapes brought to perfection.

“I use a regular hard-soft pencil, or # 2, to roughly sketch. And then I draw the details with a mechanical pencil, ”explains artist and illustrator Jung Hu Lee. Artistic materials such as erasers and blending tools can be used to create incredibly detailed, realistic and impressive designs. “Feathering can turn a pencil into a completely different tool,” says artist Violet Reed. “It’s very interesting to experiment with her.”.

However, you shouldn’t stop there. The finished pencil sketch can be scanned or digitized. Turn your drawing into a flawless logo in Adobe Illustrator, or open a pencil sketch in Adobe Fresco and refine it with custom brushes.

Using brushes that simulate pencil strokes, pens or watercolor, any sketch can be turned into a masterpiece – move the sketch to digital space and edit it to give it an interesting look.

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