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Video recorders.


Choosing a video recorder, many consumers make the same mistake – they tend to buy the model, in the description of which “beautiful” numbers are indicated. And many manufacturers openly speculate on this, indicating in the descriptions of devices only their maximum characteristics, misleading the consumer. It may well be that the declared 30 frames per second are provided only at the minimum resolution..

In fact, no numbers can guarantee that the image quality will be acceptable, sometimes

high resolution is achieved by simply stretching the image. Unfortunately, this can only be found out empirically. Therefore, before making a purchase, it will not be superfluous to first search for reviews left by people who have already bought the model you like, view the samples of the footage they have posted..

Often, devices that are positioned as DVRs are also not such. The manufacturer actually produces a conventional camcorder that can also be used in a car. Such models can be distinguished by the absence of special automotive modes, such as “loop recording”.

An important characteristic is also the viewing angle, which ideally should be above 125 degrees. Otherwise, the device will only record what is happening directly in front of the car, being unable to capture adjacent lanes.

Some DVRs are equipped with two cameras at once (road and salon), as well as the ability to connect additional cameras. It is also highly desirable that it be possible to deploy either the camera or the device itself over a wide range..

As for the additional functionality, the main thing is to find a middle ground. For example, automatic activation at the start of the movement will not be superfluous, but the remote control may never be needed at all. The fact is that an increase in capabilities often leads not only to an increase in cost, but also to a tangible increase in the mass and size of the DVR.

As a result, the device obscures the view, becomes susceptible to shaking that inevitably occurs when driving on an uneven road.

By the way, about shaking – be sure to pay attention to the fact that the device is equipped with a really high-quality mount that will be able to extinguish shaking, will not fall off with strong shocks. In this case, it is necessary that the device can be easily connected and disconnected. And one more important tip in the end – you should not save too much by purchasing a very simple model from the “left” manufacturer. It may well turn out that such a device will not be able to perform the tasks assigned to it, there will be little benefit from it.

However, it also makes no sense to spend too much on the acquisition of the most “sophisticated” model.

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