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Waterproof speakers: which one is better?

Waterproof speakers: which one is better?

Compact speakers are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. They are really comfortable. Modern technical progress has made it possible to make devices lightweight, small, and unpretentious. The waterproof column is particularly resistant to environmental influences.

She can work in the rain, thrown into the water for a certain time, is indifferent to dust, and it is not difficult to wash off pollution from it. The devices on the market have certain sets of advantages and disadvantages, and are also divided into classes..

Types of waterproof speakers.

The first criterion by which the columns are divided is the type of connection. They are:

wired; wireless.

Each music system is selected to meet specific needs. There are areas where water resistance is critical. And in some cases, the music audio system comes to the fore, the operating time of which is not limited by the capacity of the built-in battery..


The wireless speaker is positioned as a constant companion of its owner. You can take it in the shower to enjoy your music. The portable waterproof housing allows you to attach the device to the handlebars of your bike.

Waterproof wireless speaker to entertain a company at a country picnic.

All audio sets of this class receive data via a digital protocol. A computer or a mobile phone can act as a source of data, a sound-reproducing device. Communication is carried out using the bluetooth protocol.

In this case, the owners of mobile phones can use additional features.

The modern waterproof bluetooth speaker is equipped with a microphone and allows you to answer a call in hands-free mode. This will especially appeal to those who are used to never parting with a smartphone literally never. Bluetooth shower column works even under

streams of water, leaving your phone safe.


Modern wireless speakers have a number of advantages that determine their widespread use..

The waterproof case is lightweight and compact. Manufacturers can build in two or more speakers for high quality sound. It will not be difficult to buy a device that allows you to listen to the radio, read data from memory cards, display the time on the display, and answer a phone call.

An average wireless system allows you to use both a wireless bluetooth channel and connect a playback device with a cable.

The main attraction lies in the combination of properties. Small acoustics, lightweight, compact allows you to take yourself into the pool, it is not afraid of the bathroom, rain or falling into the water at a country picnic.


Wireless devices also have drawbacks for which the future owner needs to be prepared..

Battery capacity is limited. Manufacturers prefer to build batteries into their devices that can reproduce sound for 4-6 hours at a volume of 60%. The sound quality won’t appeal to audiophiles. The acoustic frequency range does not include bass, and the mid-range is often limited.

In inexpensive devices, you should not rely on a well-developed upper region of audible sound. It is also not possible to obtain high output power. Therefore, in the passport of wireless devices, there is rarely a figure higher than 5-8 watts.

Distance from the signal source is limited. The connection quality drops if there are obstacles between the smartphone and the speaker. The data transmission channel is not immune in any way.

Most annoying for the owner, minus the speakers’ bluetooth, is the depletion of the battery at the worst possible moment. It cannot be replaced with a new one, like a battery. Therefore, you will have to put up with the need for a long charging from the 220V network..


The wired waterproof speaker is a representative of a very limited market segment. The bathroom column is, in fact, a classic engineering solution. Acoustics simply fit into a water-resistant housing.

A speaker in the bathroom that receives signal and / or power over the wires is not the only solution for waterproof wired acoustics. Additional examples include outdoor loudspeakers and soundbars, useful if you want to broadcast a movie with a projector outdoors..


Wired waterproof acoustics have a number of indisputable advantages, thanks to which they are in demand by a wide audience of consumers..

Opening hours are not limited in any way; mains supply. The output power can be anything. The device can be powered either from the AC mains or directly from the audio signal source (USB port). Sound quality is high, depending on the number of bands and speaker characteristics.

It will not be difficult to buy a device with a built-in amplifier. The speakers are not only protected from water, but also shielded.

You can achieve really high-quality sound from wired waterproof acoustics. The signal transmission cable is easily protected from interference and interference. And an internal or external amplifier allows you to customize the sound parameters.


The main disadvantage of waterproof wired acoustics is binding to a cable or signal transmission network. It will also need an external power supply. It is more convenient to install the devices permanently, of course, they cannot be taken with you to the pool or to a picnic in the countryside.

However, it is worth noting: when a user wants to purchase a wired acoustics protected from water, he knows all the disadvantages and they are not decisive..


User reviews ranked the best waterproof speakers available at retail. It includes models that sound good, are comfortable, and do not hit the pocket for an unreasonably overpriced.

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