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Welcome aboard. World of Warships review.

Welcome aboard. World of Warships overview.

Unlike World of Tanks, this game is not so patriotic: there are not very many Soviet ships here. And it’s not a whim of the developers, it’s just that at the beginning of the 20th century, the fleet of our country was only an auxiliary force, but not the main one. However, this should not affect the impressions of the game, after all, there is the legendary “Aurora” here, and very soon the Soviet branch will have a serious replenishment, and even German ships will appear.

The sun and calm, nothing portends trouble.

The new toy is named according to the same principle as the previous parts of the series – World of Warships. And so that its abbreviated name is not confused with World of Warcraft, everyone calls it WoWs. There is no talk of any dynamics of tank or air battles here, ship battles have always been very slow and prolonged, and one should not expect a rapid development of events.

World of Warships is a solid tactical game in which it is better to think over and calculate the options once again than to rush to the front line.

However, the developers have sped up the overall process a little so that you do not have to deal with one battle for several hours. The difference in the dynamics of battles, by the way, is one of the main reasons why it is very difficult to combine tanks, ships and aircraft on the same field. Although there are planes in WoWs, they differ from their “relatives” from WoWp, and radically, but about them a little later..

Destroyer in port.

Just as there were no normal tank simulators before the creation of World of Tanks, so there are no good simulators of sea battles. Except, of course, the naval battle, which the guys played in the back of the school. However, even despite the similarity of the cards, these are completely different games. But enough jokes, ships are serious machines that, in the right hands, turn into deadly aggregates.

And although from the very beginning only simple boats are available, pretty soon you will upgrade to powerful battleships and cruisers.

Profile and track record.

There are initially two game modes: “Cooperative” and “Random”. And if translated into Russian, it’s simple – with or without bots. However, you still have to start with battles against artificial intelligence, but literally for a couple of battles, then you will be allowed into the open sea.

There, the ships will become more powerful, the branches will be divided into cruisers, destroyers, battleships and even aircraft carriers. Your level is also pumped, extra credits, combat missions, ranks and individual skills appear. But if you manage to level up to the ninth level, there will also be ranked battles: two teams of seven people fight for the stars

, which at the end of the game season will turn into prizes.

Soviet branch of ships.

Randomly selected players fight in battles, of course, corresponding to your level of development. The battle begins quietly and measuredly. All ships start from the edge of the map and slowly move towards each other, planning to destroy the enemy. Physics and controls are completely different from those of tanks and aircraft.

Even the fastest destroyers have inertia, so it will take a long time to get used to. It should be borne in mind that you will not be able to quickly stop, turn around and change your location. If you hit the sight of several enemies, you will not be able to leave without losses. Therefore, you need to think over and anticipate the actions of the enemy in advance in order to avoid trouble.

In addition, there are obstacles in the form of islands and their allies, into which it would also be good not to crash. The ship has a large turning radius, and its speed and maneuverability depend on its mass, so in some cases, on a battleship, you may not even have time to cross the entire map until the end of the battle. And be sure, as soon as you get used to one ship, the time will come to sit at the helm of another, and there are already other mass, control – in general, you will not get bored.

Everyone has their own tactics. Someone starts abruptly from a place and rushes to the goal in order to capture it as soon as possible, but thereby exposes himself to the danger of perishing in the first minutes of the battle. Someone, on the contrary, examines the map, the alignment of forces, waits for exposure and carefully looks for a point from which it is safe to fire at the enemy.

It doesn’t matter what kind of ship and upgrades you have or how fast you can press the keys. If there is no plan, the attack will fail..

Do not forget that World of Warships is a team game, so alone, like Rambo, you will not be able to squeeze into the enemy’s camp and shred everyone. Prepare to be in touch, help your allies and request support when needed. Fortunately, the ships have huge visibility, as well as the firing range, so even if there are only two survivors, they cover almost the entire map with their eyes..

The battle involves 15 ships on each side. The team has two aircraft carriers, several destroyers, cruisers and battleships. The fastest vehicles are, of course, the destroyers. But they can also die from a couple of shots.

Therefore, you will have to constantly dodge the shells so as not to go to the bottom with a dead weight. All destroyers are equipped with torpedoes, unguided submarine missiles, which are fired in a fan and if they really hit the enemy, they inflict great damage on him. For camouflage, destroyers have a smoke screen, which allows them to hide from the eyes of the enemy in a critical situation, a trifle, but nice.

Cruisers are heavier and more durable than destroyers, and some also have torpedo tubes. But here you still have to work more with the main tool. The battleship is even stronger, larger and slower than the cruiser, but their tasks are similar: to shoot accurately and be afraid of destroyers.

Among other things, large battleships have auxiliary aircraft on board. One is used as a spy, flies forward and reports on the situation, showing opponents at a glance. And the second is a fighter that helps to destroy torpedo bombers and bombers launched from an aircraft carrier.

But in general, air defense installations on each ship are responsible for the destruction of aircraft in the game, so you don’t have to manually deal with small points in the sky, although they can cause problems.

The aircraft carrier class stands apart in World of Warships. Playing on this colossus turns into a pure strategy. Even controlling the movement of such a ship from the keyboard is useless, it is still unrealistic to get away from torpedoes.

So it’s easier to set a route on the map, and devote the free time to working with airplanes. Fighters are engaged in shooting enemy planes. Bombers know how to throw bombs at one point, inflicting small, but still damage.

Well, torpedo bombers do the same thing as destroyers, only from the air..

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