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Wellman Original

Wellman Original

Wellman® Original is a special complex of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to maintain the health and vitality of men.

Product characteristics.

Velman has been specially formulated to support the overall health and vitality of men of all ages. Velman helps men achieve and maintain optimal physical fitness, supports vital energy during stressful lifestyles, supports reproductive and sexual health.

EXCELLENT PHYSICAL FORMULA. Velman Original contains a full complex of vitamins and minerals to maintain physical fitness during an active lifestyle, physical and mental stress. The amino acids L-arginine and L-methionine provide additional energy.

STRONG IMMUNITY. Vitamins C, E, citrus bioflavonoids, carotenoids and selenium support the immune system and strengthen the body’s defenses.

MAN’S HEALTH. Ginseng, zinc, selenium are important for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system.

Indications and method of application.

The Velmen Original complex is recommended for use by men of any age:

with an active rhythm of life; for athletes and athletes; to support the immune system; to support male sexual and reproductive health.

Method of administration and recommended daily dose.

Take 1 tablet daily with a meal with a glass of water or a cold drink. Do not chew the tablet or consume it on an empty stomach..

The product provides an optimal amount of micro- and macroelements in the body, so there is no need to take additional multivitamin complexes with Velmen Original.

Do not exceed the recommended amount for daily consumption.


Reception is not recommended in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the product, in particular. to soybeans and its derivatives. With the simultaneous use of any drugs, use is possible only after the obligatory consultation of a doctor..

Additional product information.

Name: Velmen Original Capsule weight: 0.836g (+ -10%) Package dimensions, cm: 11.5 * 8.5 * 3 cm Shelf life: 3 years.

Active ingredients: 1 capsule contains.

Vitamin A 750 μg Sum of natural carotenoids 2 mg Vitamin D3 10 μg Vitamin C 60 mg Vitamin B1 (thiamin) 12 mg Vitamin B6 9 mg Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 5 mg Vitamin B12 9 μg Vitamin B3 ) 20 mg Pantothenic acid 10 mg Vitamin E 20 mg L-arginine 20 mg L-methionine 20 mg Para-aminobenzoic acid 20 mg Zalizo 6 mg Magnesium 60 mg Zinc 15 mg Iodine 150 μg Manganese 3 mg Mid 1 mg Chromium 50 μg Selenium 150 μg Silicon 10 mg Ginseng extract (Siberian) 20 mg Coenzyme Q10 2 mg L-carnitine 30 mg Citrus bioflavonoid 10 mg.

Velmen Orginal / Wellman® Original is specially designed to create a healthy body and a vital tone of people. Welman helps to achieve and adapt to the people in optimal physical shape, giving them vital energy with a busy life style, adapting reproductively and sexually.

Healthy and living tone. Velmen Orginal / Wellman® Original is specially designed to create a healthy body and a vital tone of people. Velmen Orginal / Wellman® Original helps to achieve and maintain an optimal physical shape, giving you living energy with a busy life style, to reproductive and sexual health.

Active lifestyle. Velmen Oridzhinal / Wellman® Original to revenge a new complex of vitamins and minerals for improving the vital tone and health of the body with an active lifestyle, physical and psychic nurturing. Vitamin B6, B12 and I receive a supplementary energy supply.

Sport and energy. Vitamin S, E and bioflavonoids seize from the heat of radicals, so that one can pretend to be engaged in sports for an hour; amino acids and ginseng produce additional energy. The production of pantothenic acid decreases in wateryness for an hour of physical consumption.

Immune system. Vitamin C, D and also B12 and magnesium are necessary for the immune system.

Reproductive and sexually healthy. Zinc and іnshі minerals, necessary for the maintenance of reproductive health and the maintenance of a normal level of testosterone in the blood.


Silicon, zinc and biotin for the reduction of hair and for the prevention of hair loss, for the preparation of a healthy structure of the skin and the new plate .

Coenzyme Q10 and іnshi antioxidants for the preparation of vitality of vitality for the improvement of the processes of aging (prevention of early aging).

Dietic supplement. Not є lykarsky zasob. I do not slid vikoristovuvati yak substitute for the povnotsinny ratsionu harchuvannya.

Before the cob, a doctor’s consultation is recommended.

Recommendations for food intake: use as a dietary supplement for older adults as well as a dietary supplement for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bioflavonoids and organic extracts for the stem of optimal children Ideally go for people, go in for sports, lead an active way of life; every hour of physical and psychological navantages.

The dietary supplement Velmen Oridzhinal / Wellman® Original is specially formulated for people, whether they are vik, and to keep:

with an active rhythm of life; for athletes and athletes; for

training the immune system; for the training of sexual and reproductive health of cholovikiv.

Not є lykarsky zasob. Dietic supplement. I don’t slid vikoristovuvati yak replace the povnotsin ratsionu Kharchuvannya.

How to consume the recommended dose: live 1 tablet per day for an hour or so, washed down with a bottle of water or cold drink. Do not rozzhovuvati pill і do not live on the heart. The product will preserve the optimal amount of micro-microelements to the body, so it’s not easy to consume additional multivitamin complexes at once from Velmen / Wellman. Not overwhelming.

Recommended quantity for a healthy living.

Caution when stagnant: sensitivity is increased to the same components in the product, the spice of soya and old ones. With a one-hour zasosuvanna be-like likarsky zasobiv, zasosuvannya is less likely to write about the likars’ consultations.

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