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Where to look for non-trivial wedding dresses.

Where to look for non-trivial wedding dresses.

In July,

the demand for wedding dresses in Russia jumped by more than 50% compared to the same month last year, according to Avito analysts. This means that those who had to postpone the wedding due to quarantine return to organizing their celebration. However, the search for a wedding dress is a pleasure that can turn into a problem at any moment: brides are pressured by the need to find “the same, unique, perfect” dress. The choice is incredibly large and it becomes even more difficult if you want to find something extraordinary.

Digital Director of Esquire Nastya Poletaeva described in detail all the dilemmas that a modern bride faces, and now she offers solutions: 9 brands where you can find an unconventional and unforgettable dress for an important day.

A very elegant Georgian brand, in whose store I was in Tbilisi a year ago, and then I was not too impressed. Firstly, then I did not have a celebration planned, and secondly, since then the founders of the brand – the sisters of Gvantsa and Nina Macharashvili – have done a great job of expanding the range and conquering the Parisian catwalks. As a result, they have very cool options for extravagant brides, from suits with a white jacket and full rhinestone shorts and suits with a short skirt to mini dresses woven from glitter.

And also the shoes that Marie Antoinette would wear if she lived today.

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