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Which jack is better? – ZR examination.

The best modern jack is a mobile phone: you call, complain about a punctured wheel – and you are waiting for help. However, the good old jack should not be rushed out of the trunk yet. Even a European who has a punctured wheel on Sunday on his way from Milan to Verona sometimes rolls up his sleeves.

And in Russia such a tool cannot be superfluous by definition. mobile phone


How to select a jack in height? After all, it may be needed when the wheel is flat and the car has sunk “below the waterline”. The first step is to measure the distance from the ground to the threshold or the place where the jack should be located.

When the wheel is flat, it should be lower by the height of the tire profile. The upper height limit is determined by the vehicle type. In passenger cars, the suspension travel downward from the nominal position does not exceed 60–80 mm, and in SUVs it can be more than 150 mm.

By the type of drive, jacks are divided into manual (mechanical or hydraulic), electrical and pneumatic (they are connected to the exhaust pipe). It is also possible to classify by the design of the actuators: rhombic and rolling, bottle (screw and hydraulic) and rack, lever-screw and cushion type.

We appreciated the pros and cons of different types of inexpensive jacks – in our photo gallery they are listed alphabetically.

The approximate price of 990 rubles.

Weight 2.1 kg.

Rhombic jack, very similar to those supplied with many cars. The declared pick-up and lift heights are 100 and 390 mm, respectively. Checked: it turned out 110 and 390 mm. It has a comfortable grip with a rubber element.

The lift options are suitable for almost any passenger car, but they may not be enough for crossovers.

Bright paint does not hold very well, especially on stressed surfaces – corrosion will develop over time. The lead screw is completely dry – it must be lubricated! In general, an inexpensive, workable product.

The approximate price is 4950 rubles.

Weight 4.05 kg.

An electric jack is a relatively expensive toy and, at the same time, not very “powerful”. The gears inside the gearbox are plastic, although it’s better not to think about it. The ascent to the “top floor” takes quite a long time, a conventional mechanical jack copes with the task faster.

This jack has a lifting height of 112 mm and a lifting height of 345 mm. In extreme positions, built-in microswitches are triggered, so the jack will not climb “above the roof”. A small removable emergency lowering handle is provided in the event of a breakdown of the electric drive.

It looks like a key to a clockwork toy.

In terms of geometric dimensions, the device is suitable for the vast majority of passenger cars. In a rich configuration, an electric wrench is also added to it. By the way, a good gift for a car owner with any income.

Just do not forget to tell the lucky owner to lubricate the lead screw, because it is completely dry.

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