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Japanese bio-disc AXIQUANT.

Japanese bio-disc AXIQUANT.

“When I first started using AXIQUANT in July 2009 during training, I easily surpassed my own running record. It was amazing! Then I used it while running and practically could not work“ bad ”, I am in great shape all the time. I recover faster and I run with more confidence and a more positive mood.

After the season, after the obligatory rest period, I returned to training and managed to climb 2 levels higher than before. I usually need significantly more time to train. to rise to this level. Both physically and mentally I perform much better! In my personal life I also experience more positive experiences. I am grateful for AXIQUANT as he helped me a lot in my career.

I achieve excellent results because I constantly wear and I train with the bio disc. I can concentrate better during the competition, my technique and movement are perfectly balanced! Thanks to the AXIQUANT disc! “

Ramazanov, Ramazan Mamaevich.

Sports achivments.

“I train hard day in and day out, which sometimes affects my health. 3 years ago, I sprained the ligaments of the wrist of my right hand. the attitude was skeptical.However, after learning how the AXIQUANT Biodisc has helped many people, including world-class people from professional sports, I decided to give it a try.While using the Biodisk, I noticed that the pain in my right wrist was significantly reduced! the recovery rate of my body has also improved. Now

I feel stronger and much more energetic.

My concentration has improved and I sleep much better at night. This is a really great product! Thank you AXIQUANT!

I do not hesitate to recommend using the AXIQUANT BioDisc whether you exercise or not..

PS: I also use Fuji Water Structurizer now. “

AXIQUANT Biodisk simultaneously heals and protects your body from electromagnetic radiation.

We present for viewing a fragment of the program on the danger of EMR.

BioDisk AXIQUANT is a revolutionary discovery by Japanese scientists based on bioinformation and nano technologies. The AXIQUANT device is designed to protect the body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF), but most importantly, to increase the owner’s adaptive reserves and correct energy exchange. Due to the special primary material (lava of the Fujiyama volcano), the presence of scalar energy and Axial (Torsion) fields – AXIQUANT Biodisc provides a high therapeutic, adaptive and protective effect. Bioresonance corrector AXIQUANT is a synchronizer of the body’s internal rhythms with the rhythms of the external field, which is one of the main criteria for maintaining health.

Simply put, the AXIQUANT Biodisk is a device that creates a positive, harmonizing energy field for the human body..

The regulating factor of the biodisk is the use of the scalar component of the magnetic field, the accompanying longitudinal electromagnetic waves (axial) and the energy of volcanic lava.

Thanks to the composition of lava, nanotechnology and special equipment for charging scalar energy, the AXIQUANT biodisc becomes an exclusive device that has no analogues..

The AXIQUANT BioDisc is effective as soon as it is used, it is durable, easy to use and does not require any lifestyle changes. You will not only be able to improve your health and rejuvenate yourself, but also get a real opportunity to help your family and friends, bring health and joy to those you love!

You can find more detailed information about the AXIQUANT BioDisc Read more.

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