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Me and the shadow of my trunk.

Me and the shadow of my trunk.

“And then he got drunk and started insulting me in front of his friends,” says a woman’s voice in the subway behind me. I turn around and see quite a pretty girl who complains to her friend about her life. I don’t know why the unknown hero of her story sank to insults, but all this reminded me of the situation with the Nissan Tiida hatch and its offender.

529 kilometers passed Nissan Tiida in the first two weeks of the test.

Country of winning sedans. It seems that Russians will stop buying sedans only after they stop producing them. Or when they are called a threat to the country’s territorial integrity.

What else could be an explanation for the fact that the five-door Nissan Tiida in 2015 was sold three times worse than the Nissan Sentra sedan identical in technology?

Look at Tiida. She’s like Rosie Hintington-Whiteley – she might not be your type, but she still looks great. Yes, I think so.

After all, if you do not take into account the increased ground clearance, then this is an exact copy of the bright, interesting and, most importantly, fresh, in contrast to the past “Tiida”, the European hatchback Pulsar. And the Sentra? A puffy sedan that evolved from the Sylphy, which was invented for the Chinese market in 2012.

On the other hand, Nissan Tiida is a product that is as Russian as Pole Miracles. Because there is only a shell in common with the European Pulsar. While the European sports the latest modular platform (the C-D version of the Renault-Nissan Alliance CMF bogie), the Tiida is content with the B platform, the first variation of which appeared 14 years ago.

The same chassis, by the way, gave life to the B0 platform – the mother of the Russian bestsellers “Logan”, “Sandero” and “Duster”.

The only engine available for Nissan Tiida in Russia is the same as the B-platform, which has stood the test of time and poor fuel 1.6-liter naturally aspirated “four” with 117 forces and 158 Nm of torque. This engine has been produced since 2006, and since the beginning of 2015, its assembly has been launched in Togliatti. The same motor is used, for example, on the Lada XRay, but with different settings – in the “Lada” it gives out 110 forces.

On the

“Tiida”, paired with an atmospheric “four”, a manual transmission or a variator is available. We got a car with a continuously variable transmission.

The Sentra has exactly the same set: platform B, atmospheric “four”, variator. And look what happens: a cute and stylish hatchback sells worse than exactly the same sedan in terms of technology, which can only be more boring than knitting..

Of course, Sentra has advantages. The most obvious is the volume of the trunk. In the sedan, it is 511 liters versus 307 for the Tiida.

But is there really a reason for a three-fold overweight in sales statistics?

The hatch’s trunk is really not the most roomy. A week’s supply of groceries or a folded stroller with a couple of bags clogs him up completely. Perhaps this is the main drawback of the Nissan Tiida, which we managed to fix in the first days of use..

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