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Friends, we present to your attention the next part of the “biased review”. As always, we do not pretend to be the absolute truth, we just express our opinion from the other side of the counter. In this part, we will take a short look at the manufacturers of air filters, of which there are a huge number in our market.

We consider only those brands that we are interested in selling, i.e. initially of good quality, so I ask you not to judge us for the fact that most of the reviews are of a positive connotation. This is not an advertisement that we are paid for, but just a small review)

Air filter ASAM-SA.

Air filters ASAM-SA are not as well known in our country as their German competitors. Spare parts from Romania are generally quite rare in our country. However, this company received an OEM-certificate from Dacia and is installed by the original on the Logan, which we know under the Renault brand.

OEM certification from any car manufacturer, except for the most controversial ones, is a kind of quality mark, which is the pride of every auto component manufacturer. ASAM-SA air filters can be considered as an inexpensive alternative to original filters, as long as your car operates in normal highway or city conditions.

Air filter BluePrint.

The British manufacturer of air filters BluePrint is not as widely known in our country as in Western countries, but is gradually gaining popularity among domestic buyers. Air filters of this brand are distinguished by a clear correspondence of the landing size, high-quality filtering material that can cope with the loads that cheap counterparts cannot withstand and belongs to the middle price category. Blue Print is not the cheapest air vents, not the most expensive, but they have one of the best value for money on the market.

Recommended for replacement every 15 thousand kilometers in urban conditions and every 10 thousand with frequent movement on dirt roads and dusty terrain.

Air filter Bosch.

We don’t think you need to be told too much about Bosch. Yes, they make not only refrigerators and batteries, but also air filters. We rank these filters as top-of-the-line, both in terms of price and quality.

On some car models, they are supplied as original, which testifies to what level of production, but for our taste, Mann or Mahle make a better product. However (!) The respected brands we mentioned sometimes go to the perfect astral plane for the price, which makes the Bosch air filter the best choice for your car. Recommended! blush

Febi air filter.

Many of you have probably come across Febi parts (Ferdinand Bilstein). European manufacturer, good quality. The price is above average. Air filters of this German company have proven themselves well for a long time. We recommend that you consider them as an alternative to the often overrated original.

Good quality synthetic fiber filter media will keep the engine running even in harsh conditions. The production facilities are located both in Europe and in Southeast Asia, however, due to the high standards of production control, we cannot talk about any differences in the quality of parts from different countries. Febi air filter is a good choice.

Federal Mogul air filter.

Federal Mogul is better known under the Champion brand. The production range of this American corporation also includes air filters. One of the lowest price tags on the market will keep you from claiming the highest quality without blushing. The quality of production corresponds to the price. This is an inexpensive air filter that will give you exactly the right amount of time.

We recommend Federal Mogul air filter for urban use. We do not recommend using more than 10 thousand km. Not intended for use in highly polluted air.

Filtron air filter.

Filtron air vents are an excellent choice. Point. The Poles have made a great product and at the same time have not gone beyond the reasonable in terms of price.

Air filter The filter fits perfectly in the seat of your car. Has stiffening ribs where they are needed, and if your filter uses a frame, then the Filtron filter frame will fit it down to the millimeter. They have good filtering qualities and are suitable for use both in urban conditions and for frequent traffic on the highway.

One of our favorite air filter options as sellers, because we know that a customer who buys a Filtron air filter from us will be satisfied with both price and quality.

Air filter Hans Pries.

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